Wizard Reborn MediaNovel Collage
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Welcome to this special “25th Anniversary Edition” of my original MediaNovel “Wizard Reborn” (originally written and developed for CD-ROM back in the early to mid 1990s). It’s been years since I’ve worked on this fantasy adventure but after going-up the WordPress learning curve over the past 18 months and discovering what was possible with multimedia these days, I thought I’d return to “Mairiga” again and rebuild the novel’s presentation. Given all the work that originally went into it (I personally spent about seven years writing, producing, developing, marketing and re-developing it back in the day) I figured it deserved one last makeover.

How it will Work

Original Wizard Reborn book coverThis newest version will work just like the original novel released in 1996 on CD-ROM: Start at page one and work your way through in linear fashion. Each online page constitutes about a third of a traditional book page (there are nearly 800 online pages versus about 300 printed pages to the novel). So the read is broken up into smaller chunks online.

In addition to the text, each page is represented by an original picture depicting the storyline at the moment, beautifully illustrated by Steven Wirtz of Fond du Lac, WI. An original music score developed by Merek Royce Press of New York City was also created for the novel, with nearly every page playing 30-60 seconds of relevant background music. Accompanying audio and video clips depicting the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the primary characters will also be provided.

Implementation Plans

While this new website has been initially developed along with a few pages from the first chapter “Gauntlet of Rebirth” it’s going to take me many months to rebuild all the graphic, audio and video clips that constituted the original MediaNovel and add them to this new site. I intend to go page by page in order, working on the site as time permits. Hence, I expect the rebuild to take me all of 2017 and perhaps even into 2018–there’s a long road ahead. But hey, Wizard Reborn has always been a labor of love for me so I’m sure I will enjoy the journey.

Written by Scott
Professional web developer located in Waunakee, Wisconsin