Vell awakens in his stately hotel room within Sparkle Wood, home of the Inner Circle
ell awoke with a start in his stately hotel room, a small but pleasant construction of worked woods, colorful flowers and hearty green plants. The sweet smell of fresh pollen dominated the living chamber, a succulent scent that was quite pleasant to awaken to, while the morning chill crept through the circular window left open the night before, a small portal of wood encasing transparent mica. Several similar windows facing south allowed the light of morning to fully illuminate the whole of the small chamber, a warm, rich glow, full of energy and life, of truth and hope, of everything the wizard had come to the heavenly country of Sparkle Wood to find, and Vell couldn’t help but smile to be home again. If help for Josephine still existed, Vell knew, he would find it within the realm of the Inner Circle.

Written by Scott
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