Vell and Gepin-Nor talk about death and life after death (attainment)
ell looked at Nor, remembering the priest’s failure to utilize the Shard during the attack at the church several nights earlier. The depressed wizard then focused back on the surrounding countryside.
“Yet death is the ultimate failure—you can’t help anyone once you’re gone.”
“Yes. But there are those who become spirits after their demise. They continue to serve the land after expiration.”
“So is that the overall goal in life, then?” Vell asked. “To do all you can in the slim hope of achieving spiritual immortality?”
“That is our belief,” the healerpriest replied, surprised by the turn in conversation. “Even if it’s not true, it still gives people something to believe in.”
Gepin-Nor & Priests: Strive for Attainment
Vell grinned, recognizing a perverse truth in the words of the priest.

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