Gepin-Nor threatens Vell
ut the Circle never authorized her execution, and she was a member of the Circle itself! And that’s why they’re not helping now, because of your gross mistake!”
“I did what needed to be done!” howled the priest, barely able to contain his rage. “Sandriss tried to change this land, and now she’s paid for it! Be warned, wizard—I rid myself of Sandriss, and I can rid myself of you!”
“How little you recognize the power of the Circle, priest,” Vell warned as he turned to step away, tired of Nor’s threats.
Recognizing that the wizard was up to something, Nor grabbed a sleeve of his white robes and stopped Vell, still quite upset with the Circle member.
“What are you planning, wizard?” he demanded with great suspicion. “What are you going to do?”

Written by Scott
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